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The author had as his primary object the provision of a complete up-to-date text-book of quantitative inorganic analysis, both theory and practiae, at a moderate price to meet the requirements of University and College students of al1 grades. It is believed that the material contained therein is sufficiently comprehensive to cover the syllabuses of al1 examinations in which quantitative inorganic analysis plays a part. The elementary student has been provided for, and those sections devoted to his needs have been treated in considerable detail. The volume should therefore be of value to the student throughout the whole of his career. The book will be suitable inter alia for students preparing for the various Intermediate B.Sc. and Higher School Certificate Examinations, the Ordinary and Higher National Certificates in Chemistry, the Honours and Special B.Sc. of the Universities, the Associateship of the Institute of Chemistry, and other examinations of equivalent standard. It is hoped, also, that the wide range of subjects discussed within its covers will result in the volume having a special appeal to practising analytical chemists and to al1 those workers in industry and research who have occasion to utilize methods of inorganic quantitative analysis.


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